Who is the number 1 influencer?

The number 1 YouTuber, Pewdiepie, has more than 100 million followers on YouTube and is also in our ranking of non-famous people on Instagram. While it is famous for games. It is often said that a picture is worth more than 1000 words. Instagram is a highly visual social media channel and, therefore, is, in many ways, the perfect medium for brands to tell their story.

All they need to do is make sure that people actually see their Instagram images. Some well-known brands have gained a significant number of followers on Instagram: National Geographic, with 225 million followers, and Nike, with 222 million followers, have done an incredible job with their own accounts. However, this far exceeds the capabilities of most brands. The average company can reach a much larger audience if it works with one or more influencers.

It's not a simple process to determine who the top Instagram influencers are, and it would be impossible to state categorically who the top 25 Instagram influencers were. Influence is largely related to the niche in which a person operates. Of course, you can't just be guided by followers: Instagram accounts with the most followers are usually owned by celebrities, and any influence they have is due to their celebrity status, rather than their prowess on Instagram. There are many unpopular niches in which there are people who operate Instagram accounts who are recognized as experts in their field, but have a smaller number of followers, simply because of the limited support for that genre.

Another notable trend now is that Instagram's engines and shakers have changed rapidly in just a few years. As a result, this list has undergone significant changes since we first prepared our top 25 influencers to succeed on Instagram. In fact, there are only three left from the original list. That's because most of our original Instagram superstars have now been surpassed in popularity by a younger, cosmopolitan generation of Instagram influencers.

Although best known for his YouTube channel, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (also known as PewDiePie) has also garnered a large number of followers on Instagram, with more than 21 million followers. With more than 25 million followers on Instagram, comedian Carlinhos Maia is one of Brazil's top influencers. He began his career producing humorous videos on the Internet and also performs in theaters all over Brazil. Daquan differs from other Instagram profiles here in that it's not a specific person's account.

Instead, it's a meme account that claims to publish the funniest content on the entire web. And with 16.8 million followers, people are clearly on board with that brag.

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