Who is an influencer in simple words?

An influencer is someone who promotes brands to their social media followers on channels such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. It even translates to other platforms such as Twitter and, lately, LinkedIn. An influencer is someone in your niche or industry who has influence over your target audience. Before we talk specifically about social media influencers, it's important to understand what an influencer is in the first place.

In short, an influencer is someone whose opinion is valued in a particular area and who, as a result, influences people to buy things. Before the social media era, there were some traditional types of influencers. Their followers value the opinion of these social media influencers because they are seen as “experts in their respective fields or niches”. Since the followers of a TRIBE influencer are relatively small, they actually get to know them and know the type of content they like.

An influencer helps companies with “influence marketing”, a form of advertising that generates brand authority based on someone else's reputation. Neal Schaffer is a leading authority in helping companies in their digital sales and marketing transformation by consulting, training and helping companies large and small develop and execute social media marketing strategies, influencer marketing and social media sales initiatives. This has been the most popular way of looking at influencers and has been promoted by influencer marketing agencies, as well as by the marketing industry in general. This intermediate point brings together successful online experts (professional influencers) who have created their own sizable following, such as Tim Ferris or Seth Godin.

Part of the answer to what a social media influencer is can simply be “anyone with an affinity for the brand and followers on social media”. When you ask what an influencer is on social media, you might want to know what types of people can gain influence in this way. Some influencers have a lot of followers, but you don't need a large number to become an influencer or get a sponsorship. Second, there's a chance that an influencer won't get paid much if the content malfunctions.

For more tips, be sure to read my ultimate guide to influencer marketing, The Age of Influence. Brands hire influential people to market their products, whether in the form of blogs, publications or videos, and in return, make money doing so. Brands that sell products such as baby products or children's fashion often harness the power of these social media influencers, originally called “blogger mothers”, but are now everywhere on social media. To do this, check who is already interested in your brand and find out who is an influencer among them.

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