What are the influencer types?

There are four types of Instagram influencers based on their followers, including mega, macro, micro and nano. To make it easier for you to choose the right influencer for your brand, let's start by defining who exactly are the mega-, the macro, the micro and the nano-influencers. Their main objective is to create engaging, high-quality content on their blogging platforms. Most bloggers use social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but they use them as ways to further promote and expose their blogs.

Bloggers can be used to start an awareness campaign, social justice campaigns and fashion campaigns. Chances are, you'll find an influencer in parenting within this niche. Bloggers may look more like “real people”, as they often focus more on their writing skills and personal stories than on stylized images. For example, Kylie Jenner is very effective as a social media influencer and her posts cost a million dollars or more.

Virtual influencers are digital characters with human characteristics and functions designed to be Instagram influencers. If you really want to go into detail about how to choose what types of influencers will suit your digital marketing strategy, check out the science behind influencer marketing. Jen Lauren, an Instagram star on self-care and exercise, based in New York, is an excellent example of a nanoinfluencer. When I was writing The Age of Influence, I realized that there had to be a different way of categorizing the types of influential people that existed, other than just followers.

If you get an influencer to support your product or brand, you can access the audience at their disposal, which can be much larger than your own number of followers. These influential people have a “big impact” on society and the market because of their large audience. The most important advantage of working with great influencers is their enormous reach, which gives brands the most incredible exposure on social media. Since macro-influencers are experts and professionals in specific niches, they have specific audiences and will be more trusted brand ambassadors for you.

Podcasters usually have the longest form of content of all the influencers described, and the engagement rate of these influencers may not have as much detail to consider in your marketing efforts. With audiences of between 50,000 and 500,000, these types of influencers offer brands a wide reach and a little more participation than macro-influencers or mega-influencers. If you want a great combination of reach and influence, macro-influencers are the best among all types of influencers. TikTok users can be fashion influencers, tech influencers, health and lifestyle influencers; this type of content in particular has few limits.

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