What are examples of influencers?

These are usually celebrities who have gained fame offline and translated it into profits online, think Ryan Reynolds or the Jenners. However, some are native users of the Internet and social networks. People like Zoella or MrBeast are excellent examples of this. For those who have ever thought of being an Internet personality destined for a television contract, Addison Rae is the woman to follow.

Her lip sync videos made a splash when they appeared on TikTok, and that success, along with 38.7 million followers on Instagram for her beauty-focused posts, has led her to get a Netflix show and release a debut single. Her friendship with Kourtney Kardashian (another great Instagram influencer) helped her gain popularity with an engaged audience. On the Instagram influencer lists is a factory worker who was once Italian. After losing his job due to the coronavirus pandemic, Khaby Lame originally used TikTok to post original content.

He found his voice on Instagram, amassing 35.7 million followers and counting. Gomez, the most followed person on Instagram for years until stars like 'The Rock' and Cristiano Ronaldo usurped her, is a phenomenal influential celebrity. With more than 249 million followers, the award-winning singer has often used her social profiles to promote charitable causes, such as her initiative against human trafficking, women's rights and the protection of children from violence. In addition to his obvious professional connections, he also posts a lot of personal photos and videos to interact with his huge fan base.

Zach King, another internet personality, illusionist and filmmaker who rose to fame through his vlogs and other videos, has more than 24 million followers thanks to his positive stories and his “magic vines” that make people smile. Post random videos, comedic videos, and other fun images. Everything you post is designed to make you laugh or smile, making it easier to deal with life's stress. Last but not least, there is Nike, a brand that dominates Instagram and manages to always stay ahead of the curve.

With a whopping 168 million followers, Nike takes advantage of its partnership with sports teams and stars. The brand's publications focus on the inspirational and feature sports personalities such as Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo wearing Nike clothing. Nike also uses the platform to whet fans' appetite for launching new products. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

While we never recommend completely copying someone else's influencer marketing campaign, you can learn a lot if you look at what has worked for other organizations. Travel Mindset specializes in influencer marketing for tourism brands, but the following examples come from a variety of sources. Why? Sometimes, the best ideas come from outside your industry (at least according to the Harvard Business Review). The Cotton brand encouraged beauty bloggers and their followers to post “nude” selfies (without makeup) as part of a cheeky “Sleep Naked” giveaway.

When the campaign launched, celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Drew Barrymore and Taylor Swift had already posted their own selfies without makeup. Although celebrity posts were not related to the campaign, Swisspers' target audience was already familiar with the underlying concept. E-commerce mattress company Casper worked with several canine influencers to promote a new product for its clients' four-legged friends. Twenty influential people with a total following of more than 3.5 million dog lovers were invited to attend a launch party in Manhattan, which featured a green carpet, a “pupperazi”, a steak dinner and hot dog-infused water.

The Dodo, an online media outlet “for animal lovers”, live-streamed the party on Facebook. Tom's of Maine makes toiletries using only natural ingredients. The company wanted to increase brand awareness among health-conscious shoppers by encouraging people to try their products and talk about them on social media. Tom focused on micro-influencers, who then encouraged their followers to publish their own posts.

This strategy created a snowball effect that reached 4.4 million potential customers in the first three months of the campaign. Bedrock Real Estate wanted to encourage the purchase of real estate in the Detroit metropolitan area, so they set out to inspire a sense of pride among the city's population. The result is “Anthem of Us”, an award-winning video that highlights Detroit's vibrant culture, services and, most of all, its people. Big Sean, a famous rapper born in Detroit, begins the video with an emotional voice-over about his hometown.

Virgin was launching three non-stop flights from American cities to Manchester and wanted to boost the intention of traveling by showcasing the undulating landscapes and historic charm of the North of England. Travel Mindset designed a marketing campaign for influencers that incorporated branded content on our consumer travel site and in the award-winning sister publication iExplore. The campaign also included 360-degree videos, which allowed fans to experience the journey through the eyes of each influencer. Buick wanted to attract a new, younger demographic.

The company asked 10 design, fashion and food bloggers to create Pinterest boards that illustrated how the Encore could help them express their personal style; each blogger also posted about the experience and promoted their boards on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The “Pinboard to Dashboard” campaign attracted more than 17 million unique visitors to the site. SodaStream makes a household carbonation tool for consumers that, until recently, was marketed almost exclusively to families. After sales data showed that the product is actually more successful among millennials without children, the company launched the influencer campaign “Join the Revolution”, with a parody of a scene from Game of Thrones and “The Mountain”, a character from the series played by actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

Each of the influencers listed below inspires companies on how they can build their brand on Instagram, becoming an example of self-sufficiency. For example, Justin Bieber is known as one of the most “influential” social media users, with more than 37 million followers. Adidas, which was already a well-known brand and is one of the best examples of influencer marketing, wanted to get ahead of its competitors and decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram. Wolf Gourmet is a range of appliances for countertops and kitchen, one of the best examples of influencer marketing.

Let's take a look at the best examples of brands that have hit the nail on the head with their influencer marketing campaigns. Some of these examples show how working with the right influencers in your niche can help you reach the right target audience. The recent 66-day brand challenge is an excellent example of how you can increase brand awareness and engagement on a massive level by working with several influencers on several channels at once. Leesa is a manufacturer of luxury mattresses that sells exclusively through its online store, one of the great examples of influencer marketing.

These examples can help you brainstorm ideas that you can implement in your own social marketing initiatives for a successful influencer marketing strategy. Jen Lauren, an Instagram star on self-care and exercise, based in New York, is an excellent example of a nanoinfluencer. Loot Crate is one of the most popular examples of influencer marketing about the gamer lifestyle, known for celebrating the gaming community. .


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