What are the 5 characteristics of a good influencer?

Someone who is nice, sociable and pleasant. You don't want your social media marketing campaign to backfire because an influencer who represents your brand doesn't get along well with their followers. But creativity is as important to an influencer as intelligence. They need to know how to adapt to their current and potential audience.

Basically, they have to have a constant stream of content so that people are constantly checking their profile. Many influencers gain the trust of their followers. The companies that hire them to promote their products know this all too well. They assume that an influencer's followers will follow their recommendations, even when they know they're being paid to promote that product.

Influencers also project an image of responsibility. It goes hand in hand with your commitment and identification with your message. Their followers often think that influential people are completely aware of what they're saying and that they would only say bad things about someone who deserved it. It also has a lot to do with their knowledge of their audience.

Influencers often start to feel indebted to the people who follow them. They are usually aware of the fact that most of their income comes from their followers. It requires time, effort and dedication. It also takes a long process to gain the trust and interest of potential audiences.

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